Hi! Glad you stopped by. My name is Jamie Wangen and I am the author of this website.

You’ll find that my blogs cover a number of law-related topics, such as (but not limited to):

Current Events: News, updates, and other happenings that I feel are worth writing and reading about will be posted here.

Politics: While I refuse to mention my stance, I will say I am an open-minded gal with a lot of learning left to do.

Personal Injury Cases: Because I am on this career path, I find a specific interest in personal injury law.

Civil Rights: While we are each entitled to our own version of “right and wrong”, no one should be denied the human right to the Golden Rule.

General Interests: The beauty of having my own site is that I can write about random things that I enjoy. What’s even better is that you, as the reader, are always welcome to provide your opinion and comments.

Please choose a blog post from the list to enjoy!